Build better products with your customers

Astrola adds feedback boards, kanban roadmaps and changelogs to your product. Learn what your customers need, while informing them with what's new.

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Shape your product, the right way

The SaaS market has never been busier. With new apps being launched daily, it's becoming increasingly competitive to stand out. Customers are the backbone of your product, and with the right feedback, will drive its success. Astrola is designed to be added to your product as an external link or subdomain. It will display feedback that can be followed or submitted, kanban roadmaps and updates via your changelog.

Focussed feedback

Gather customer feedback or let them follow existing posts. Astrola works slightly differently from traditional feedback tools by only displaying posts your team have approved - reducing cluttered public facing content.

Let customers focus on feedback that you approve.

Plan ahead with a roadmap

When feedback posts have a status of Under-Review, Planned or In-Progress, it will automatically display in your kanban roadmap. The roadmap will collect feedback from all boards to display a condensed product overview. Once tasks are completed, you can notify followers automatically via email.


Keep your customers informed with new features, bug fixes or notices. Astrola has a fully featured text editor, with optional markdown support.


Reduce public facing feedback by approving them on your dashboard. Allow customers to only see posts that you want to focus with on development.

Related & Merged Posts

Submission forms will show related posts to reduce duplicates and direct customers to follow. Posts in your inbox can also be merged with existing posts.

Custom Domains

Choose to use Astrola on our subdomain or add it to your own. We take care of SSL certificates too - it only takes a couple of minutes to setup.

Manage Users

Followers can be removed at any time. We don't deal with user accounts. Instead, we opt into email verification to keep the process snappy.

Team Members

Bring in your team and assign certain feedback posts to them so they can quickly see what needs looked at.

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